Solo Pieces

Our Easy Step by Step Solo Pieces were created for the student who is eager to play something fun and familiar on the piano and to be successful at mastering a favorite song without years and years of piano lessons.

We have pieces and songs from the genres of Jazz Blues, Rock and Pop, Classical Music, Love Songs and Lullabies, Christmas Songs, Hymns and Duets, all arranged in a choice of either Letter Notation (for no music experience), Beginner Pre-Reading (for very little music experience), and Beginner Reading (for more advanced music experience).

It truly is a unique, fast and easy way of learning how to play the piano. Each piece is handcrafted and created with a lot of Love and Effort.

Choose from one of the 3 levels and shop your beloved titles.

Letter Notation

The Letter Notation Level is a unique system notated on my Special Music Staff. This enables the student to play an array of favorite tunes right away, even without knowing traditional notation and traditional note value counting.

It is fun, and all students using this unique Letter Notation System love it and are having great success.

Beginner Pre-Reading

In the Beginner Pre-Reading Level the student learns traditional note value counting first, while the notes remain on my Special Music Staff, so the student does not have to worry about traditional note-reading, yet. But as you will see, I have put the letter name of the key to be played inside each note.

It is so important to understand Beats and Rhythm, because Rhythm is the most essential element in all music. It is what drives the music forward. And that is WHY we learn note-value counting before note-reading

Beginner Reading

In the Beginner Reading Level the student becomes even more familiar with the universal language of music, symbols and elements, and is introduced to traditional notation, meaning how to read music on the Grand Staff (Treble and Bass Staff).

During this transition the letter names still appear inside the notes.